President Trump and Senatorial, Congressional Beef Shut Down The Government

MANHATTAN, New York– The holiday season is upon us in New York City and as tourists flock to popular spots in New York City there will be a noticeable missing attraction, that is the federal historical sites and parks. President Trump wanted funding for his border wall between Mexico and United States Of America. While the Senate and Congress debated on different funding one thing would be sure and that’s the money to fund governmental jobs will run out. At the stroke of Midnight Friday night the government has shut down because 5 billion dollars would not be devoted to the border wall.

what it means is federal jobs would be suspended and all non essential employees would be told to stay home. for the average tourist trying to visit a national park or museum it basically means no access. Though it was on a Saturday night most people would be seen locked out of historic sites in Lower Manhattan. at the present moment it remains to be known for how long the government would be partially shuttered.

Photo and Video By Andre C. Rivera


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