Person Shot Multiple Times In An SUV

WEST FARMS, New York– NYPD officers are investigating after an accused drug dealer was shot dead in cold blood. Police received multiple calls for a person shot shortly after 7 PM. When officers arrived the found a male shot multiples times to the head in a GMC Denali on East 178th Street and Boston Road a few feet from the West Farms Road Subway Station.

Police have identified the victim as Jerodd Watkins, 38 years old. He died at Saint Barnabas Hospital as a result of his injuries. Watkins is known to NYPD due to the panic he caused in the West Farms community back in the early 2000’s. He was accused of being a serial murderer, after killing and dumping two woman. He was found outside of the same address of the two female bodies 1010 East 178th Street which is located at the Murphy Consolidation Houses. Watkins also had several arrests for drug dealing and in defense he stated he sold drugs to provide for his family. NYPD has not at this time identified a suspect or have a suspect at this time as the investigation continues.

Photos And Videos By Andre C. Rivera

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