Two Shootings 1 Fatal Rock Bronx Prescient

MORRISIANIA. Bronx– NYPD are investigating a series of shootings which occurred with in a few hours apart in the 40th prescient in The Bronx Friday afternoon. NYPD recieved multiple calls for shots fired at around 1PM in the afternoon. When officers arrived at East 156th Street And Forest Ave they found one person shot and requested FDNY EMS. The individual was transported to Lincoln Hospital where he passed away from his injuries. A few hours later around 3:30 PM Officers could be seen running from the first scene and responding to a second scene where there was reports of shots fired. When officers arrived at East 135th And Willis Ave they observed 8 individuals fleeing 4 of which were arrested nearby. Officers chased several others across the Willis Ave Bridge into Harlem. No one was found shot at the second scene. NYPD is investigating both incidents.


First Incident East 156th Street And Forest Ave


Second Incident East 135th Street And Willis Ave


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